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I’m seeing DIY this and “you can grow this in your bathtub”, that during the Covid19 quarantine.  I’m not the best at either of those things so I will not be giving you that advice, however, I can give you some practical pantry tips during this time.  Those other tips never seemed practical or feasible to me anyways.  Why would you want a garden in your shower?  Some of the things I’ve seen on my social media and internet have been so weird or just not real world applicable.  Some of them are so complicated, take too long, cost too much, or have only one purpose and that’s just a waste of time and space for everyone involved.  As a professional cook, I have learned that everything needs to have multiple uses, otherwise it doesn’t have a purpose in the kitchen.  I think that belongs to the home kitchen as well.

These are some easy things you can do, buy, or keep in your pantry at all times not just during a world pandemic but are helpful for this time.  With all of these, you can make so many kinds of meals and flavors.  

  • Probably my favorite and most efficient, is to have root vegetables in your pantry!  There are so many varieties and they last for a long time.  Its fresh food that lasts ages. 
  • A classic and go to, dried goods: beans, rice, oats, ect.  Get what you know and one or two items in a small quantate so you don’t waste it.  Have some recipes ready and play around with them.  You might love it and get more or hate it and be glad you only bought 4oz of the almond flour instead of a pound.  
  • Can and ferment things.  People think these are hard to do but with clean tools, fresh produce, and some research its easy and a lot of fun.  Every culture has some version of one or both and they are amazing.  Play around with it and see what you like.  

I hope that you take these suggestions and play around with them.  Food is a great way to be creative and have a chance to try something new.  Now is the perfect time to get out of a quarantine funk and try something different.  Have fun and stay safe!

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