Food That Has ‘Sustained For Generations’

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Billy Luther, Dine’, has recently released the latest in his alter-Native YouTube docuseries titled “alter-Native: Kitchen.” It features three Indigenous chefs “all preparing foods from their Native cultures that have sustained their communities for generations.”

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3 Indigenous Chefs Talk About What Thanksgiving Means to Them

We asked these members of I-Collective, an organization of indigenous chefs and activists, how they’re spending Thanksgiving.

Let’s take a pause from the turkey and stuffing. To many Native people, reckoning with Thanksgiving can be difficult—for obvious reasons. This is partially why the I-Collective, an organization of indigenous chefsand activists across the country, was born.

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Indigenous Chefs, Actors, And Writers Discuss What Thanksgiving Means To Them

Thanksgiving isn’t a monolith. It means very different things to people across the United States. And that sentiment rings even truer and more deeply when viewed through the perspective of the Indigenous people spread across the country. What, exactly, Thanksgiving means to Indigenous Americans is a question that’s rarely asked.

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The Best of the West: Culinary Innovators

Meet the three chefs from Seattle and San Antonio that excel in everything from Southern fare to Indigenous cuisine.Read More

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Hillel Echo-Hawk is used to questions. Birch Basket answers with indigenous-based, pre-colonization foods

At her new private-chef/catering company, ‘It’s no eggs, it’s no milk, it’s no beef, it’s no chicken, it’s no wheat.’ But any ingredient indigenous to North America is fair game

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This Thanksgiving, Make These Native Recipes From Indigenous Chefs

Every year, Americans gather around a festooned table to eat turkeyand sidesin celebration of Thanksgiving, a holiday that Abraham Lincoln officially founded in 1863 to unify people during the Civil War

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