I work with each of my clients to provide a special, unique menu that reflects what is seasonal and regional to their event, however here are some past menu’s to give you an idea of what you might get when you book Birch Basket. Contact me for a quote and specific menu here.

Sunflower Dinner


  • Sunflower butter, strawberries, huckleberry balsamic


  • Local greens, Sunflower seeds, leaves, petals, apple cider vin


  • Pan seared sage Elk loin with roasted sunchokes, Ramona Farms Pima ..grits, Alaskan cranberries, sunflower leaves, sunflower shoots


  • Sweet Blue corn pudding, Alaskan blueberry and crow berries, sunflower ..seeds

“Thanksgiving” Tasting

  • Wild rice, Wild Alaskan blueberries, maple syrup
  • Corn soup
  • Roasted pumpkins, sunflower seeds
  • Roasted turkey breast with Cedar salt, Blueberry sauce
  • Roasted sweet potato, red potato and pecan, with reduced apple cider..glaze


  • Sage, maple, cranberries
  • Spruce tips and honey

Sample Estimated Pricing


  • 3 items, tea/coffee, bamboo plate wear, flat wear, ect.
  • Staff if needed
  • Doesn’t include rentals
  • Starting at $2,500- plus WA state tax

Plated 5-12 course dinners

  • $250-$3,000 and up- plus WA state tax
  • Staff
  • Doesn’t include rentals- glass plate wear, venue, ect.

Private Chef

  • $30-50/hour- Depending on what your needs are
  • Daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or what fits your schedule
  • Meal prep, snacks, ect
  • Shopping list
  • Food budgeting

Private Chef

  • $300
  • Traveling expenses included if applicable